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Instructions for Authors

  1. PhD scholars, PhD candidates, graduates and students of the universities in Poland and abroad, who are interested in musicological issues, are welcomed to publish the articles.
  2. Issues are not thematic. Deadlines for submission are announced on the website of the journal.
  3. The original, previously unpublished text should be written in Times New Roman font, 12-point, spacing of 1.5 lines, of between 20,000 and 40,000 characters with spaces. The remaining editorial criteria are provided in enclosure in the Files.
  4. The file submitted to the editorial office should contain the following: a title in English (without the author's name and surname), an abstract in English (up to 2000 characters with spaces), a list of 3-5 keywords, the content of the article and an enumerative bibliography.
  5. The author's full name, affiliation and a bio note (up to 500 characters with spaces) should be included in a separate file.
  6. Both files containing all mentioned elements should be sent in one of the following formats: DOC or DOCX to
  7. Graphics, charts etc. should be attached separately in one of the following formats: PDF, TIFF or JPG format (minimum resolution is 300 dpi); they should be placed in a text file too.
  8. The Advisory Board reserves the right to decide not to send a paper for review if, in their judgement, the paper does not meet academic standards. For each paper two independent reviewers are appointed, both of them are specialists in the given field, affiliated to institutions different from the author's institution. The authors and reviewers are not informed about each other's identity (a double blind review process). Each text is reviewed in accordance with the form accessible as enclosure in the Files.
  9. The full process of reviewing takes circa two months. Once the paper has received positive reviews, and suggested changes have been made by the Author, it later becomes subject to proofreading. The total time from the closure of application for the given issue to its publication usually takes circa four months.
  10. Acceptance of the final version of the paper by the Author means the publisher is given free of charge and non-exclusive licence to release the text in electronic and paper form.



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No publishing fees

Journal does not request any article subsmission, review, publication and processing charges.